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Exploring Panache: A Memorable Trip with the 19.6 Cottager Aluminum Boat

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Unveiling the Versatility and Performance of the 19.6 Cottager Aluminum Boat: Our Panache Adventure

Embarking on a weekend adventure to Panache with the 19.6 Cottager boat proved to be an unforgettable experience. From tranquil lake evenings to testing the boat's capabilities in various conditions, this trip showcased the remarkable features and performance of the 19.6 Cottager. Join us as we recount the highlights of our journey and share the insights gained from testing this exceptional vessel.

Meet the 19.6 Cottager Aluminum Boat. Features: 140 hp Suzuki, Dual helm, Lots of floor space, Complete enclosure tops, Seating for 6, and Customizable to your liking

cottager 19.6 long aluminum boat manufactured by BadRiverBoats

The 19.6 Cottager, crafted with meticulous attention to detail by BadRiverBoats, exemplifies the epitome of aluminum boat manufacturing. Designed to withstand the rigors of both calm waters and challenging conditions, this boat seamlessly blends functionality, durability, and aesthetics. From the moment we set foot on its deck, we knew we were in for an extraordinary experience.

Trip with the 19.6 Cottager Aluminum Boat, Built By BadRiverBoats

The weekend allowed us to showcase the boat's impressive features to friends and family, receiving great reviews all around. Let's dive into our trip.

Serene Evenings and High Watters

Rough Waters


Serene Evenings and High Waters

We ventured into rougher waves. Testing the aluminum boat's resilience against pounding surf and side-to-side roll in higher speed turns, the 19.6 Cottager aluminum boat proved itself once again

Arriving at Panache on a Friday long weekend evening, we were greeted by a peaceful lake setting. The stillness enveloped us as we embarked on the water. Surprisingly, the water levels were higher than expected for this time of year, further adding to the unique ambiance of the trip. The tranquil atmosphere set the stage for a weekend filled with exploration and relaxation.

It was an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the captivating tranquility and appreciate the stunning panoramic views that Panache had to offer.

Confronting the Cold Breeze

As we ventured further into the lake, we encountered a chilly breeze emanating from the water. Despite the colder temperatures, the 19.6 Cottager boat provided a comfortable and sheltered experience, allowing us to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings without feeling the chill. The boat's design effectively mitigated the impact of the cold breeze, ensuring our comfort throughout the journey.

This aluminum boat's ability to harmoniously blend comfort and functionality became increasingly apparent as we delved deeper into our journey.

Nature's Splendor

The 19.6 Cottager aluminum boat allowed us to immerse ourselves in nature's splendor, creating lasting memories that would forever be etched in our hearts.

Amidst our explorations, we marveled at the sight of trees beginning to blossom, signaling the arrival of spring. The vibrant hues and fresh scent of nature's awakening added a touch of enchantment to our boating adventure. Witnessing the graceful presence of loons gracefully gliding on the water and feeding added to the idyllic ambiance, creating lasting memories of the beauty of Panache.

Rainy Saturday: The Aluminum Boat's Resilience

Even as the rain poured relentlessly on Saturday, the aluminum boat's self-bailing hull showcased its resilience.

Saturday brought with it a full day of rain. However, the 19.6 Cottager boat proved its mettle as the self-bailing hull effectively kept the water out, alleviating concerns about bilge pumps or dead batteries. We cruised through the rain without a worry, appreciating the aluminum boat's functionality and reliability even in less favorable weather conditions. It was a testament to the boat's craftsmanship and engineering.

The 19.6 Cottager aluminum boat effortlessly kept the water out, allowing us to focus on enjoying the journey and exploring the possibilities that Panache had to offer.

Optimal Performance in Various Conditions

Sunday evening treated us to a breathtaking sunset, accompanied by the presence of our loved ones, including our canine companion, Rya. This serene backdrop provided the perfect opportunity to test the 19.6 Cottager's performance in calm waters. From precise turns to optimizing fuel efficiency at slower speeds, the aluminum boat handled it all with ease, impressing us with its maneuverability and stability.

Tackling Rough Waters

Eager to push the boundaries even further, we ventured into rougher waves with the 19.6 Cottager Aluminum Boat.

To further assess the boat's capabilities, we ventured into rougher waves, taking it slow to test its resilience against the pounding surf. The 19.6 Cottager aluminum boat demonstrated exceptional stability, with minimal roll during turns and when facing beam seas. Notably, its acceleration in both calm and rough waters showcased little bow rise, ensuring a comfortable and controlled ride. The boat's high and dry hull design also prevented excessive side splash on the windshield, maintaining a pleasant and dry environment.

With speeds exceeding 45MPH, the aluminum boat combination of hull and motor worked in perfect harmony, offering exhilarating moments and unmatched control.

Our trip to Panache was not only a personal adventure but also an opportunity to showcase the 19.6 Cottager Aluminum Boat to friends and family. The boat received glowing reviews, with everyone appreciating its height, width of gunnels, and intricate tig welding that added to its overall allure.

Our trip to Panache with the 19.6 Cottager boat left us awe-inspired by its performance, design, and functionality. The weekend allowed us to showcase the boat's impressive features to friends and family, receiving great reviews all around. The high height, width of gunnels, and intricate tig welding impressed everyone who saw the boat in action.

With its exceptional handling, robust construction, and striking appearance, the 19.6 Cottager aluminum boat truly shines on the water, creating lasting memories and providing an exceptional boating experience.

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