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To keep your boat mobile on the ground

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single, dual and tri axle trailers by badriverboats
Image by Ian Keefe

Single/Dual/ Tri Axle

BadRiverBoats is thrilled to announce the addition of our new line of Single, Dual, and Tri Axle Trailers, specially selected to meet the diverse needs of boating enthusiasts like you. Whether you're cruising the serene lakes or exploring the open waters, we've got the perfect trailer solution to keep your boat safe and secure during transport.


Our Single Axle Trailers are designed for smaller boats, offering ease of maneuverability and convenient storage options. Ideal for weekend getaways or quick trips to the lake, these trailers are compact yet sturdy, ensuring your boat stays safe on the road.

For those with mid-sized boats, our Dual Axle Trailers provide the perfect balance of stability and versatility. With enhanced weight distribution and towing capabilities, these trailers are engineered to handle longer journeys and rougher terrains, giving you peace of mind wherever your adventures take you.

If you're the proud owner of a larger vessel, our Tri Axle Trailer is the ultimate solution. Built for maximum strength and durability, these trailers offer unparalleled support and stability, making them ideal for transporting heavy-duty boats over long distances.

Image by Ian Keefe

Trailers Pricing

2800 lbs - Single axle - $3200.00

3100 lbs - Single Axle - $4295.00

4500 lbs - Dual Axle - $4995.00

6000 lbs - Dual Axle - $ 5395.00

9000 lbs - Tri Axle - $ 7963.00

All prices are in CAD.

single, dual and tri axle trailers by badriverboats

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