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18.6 cottager from badriverboats at Parkway Powersports in collingwood ontario
Parkway Powersports
Collingwood, Ontario


705 445 77 07

What you've seen is just the tip of the iceberg! Our formidable team can customize any changes to meet your requirements.

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BadRiverBoats is proud to be 100% Canadian, boats are built in Northern Ontario (Sudbury to be specific). 

 The Bad River Boat name stands for more than custom boat manufacturing- we believe it’s a product that the consumer will have for life to provide safe water travel with the next generations to enjoy. This boat is a lifetime investment for all to enjoy.

BadRiverBoats has the customer in mind, safety awareness, stability with a dry hull to keep your family or workers coming back. We are committed to keeping all its customers safe, stable, and comfortable. A reliable and stable hull keeps your family and workers safe while enjoying the water. This is what BadRiverBoats is all about.

In-Depth Understanding 
of the Boating Industry

Guy Galipeau's passion for the boating industry has led him to adventure destinations that come to no end in the North Chanel heading to the Bad River with the kids for the summer holidays. Gunk-holing around Georgian Bay to Lake Superior. Weekend trips with kids and other families from the Bad River to Mackinac Island, settling in the North Chanel for the remainder of the summer, hiking up the Fraser Hill where the Group of Seven painters had spent their time as artists painting the North Chanel.

Safety first mindset
Service & Warranty

We provide a lifetime warranty against manufacturers' defects. In the event of an accident, repairs can be made to any part of the hull.

Building today with tomorrow in mind. The industry and customer needs are in constant change. We will adapt to meet those needs. 

Constant Improvement
aluminum 20 ft landing craft by badriverboats

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aluminum landing craft boat from badriverboats

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badriverboats open console aluminum boat


Committed to quality, design, ruggedness, and stability. Overall established itself as a frontrunner when it comes to designing, developing, and building high-quality workboats for the active boating consumer.

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