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Welcome to BadRiverBoats!

We're dedicated to providing you with the best hand-welded aluminum boats. We build custom made high-quality aluminum boats for construction, ministry, and commercial applications including policing, patrol, fire, dive, research, oil spill response, water taxis, fishing, pleasure craft, and much more! 

The BadRiverBoat name stands for more than custom boat manufacturing- we believe it’s a product that the consumer will have for life to provide safe water travel with the next generations to enjoy. This boat is a lifetime investment for all to enjoy.





Checker Plate


Sealed Hull

Safe Water Travel For Generations To Come

badriverboats craft in the lake.jpg

It's more than boat manufacturing

BadRiverBoats is a boat that you will have for your entire life, providing safe water travel for generations to come. Everyone can enjoy this aluminum boat for a lifetime.

We build every boat with safety awareness and stability in mind

Setting New Standards

Every boat in our shop is hand welded by skilled tradesmen, designed by engineers, and built specifically for you. Built and customized right here in Sudbury, Ontario, according to the owner's specifications.

Let's Build Your Forever Boat!

Custom made boat service available for you. We build each boat according to the client's specific needs in our own facilities right here in Sudbury, Ontario.